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Dear Cindy,

I am writing this letter to tell you first of all how happy and grateful I am to you and your team at Tinley Court. From the very first day, you have all been wonderful to my father, Marvin Rauch and you continue to treat him with great respect and dignity. It has not always been easy, but your compassion and genuine efforts to make his life at Tinley Court a better one is something you cannot put a price tag on, especially in regards to the care and contentment of a loved one. I remember your brilliant solution regarding his hording of papers and cans. You approached it in a way that was positive and respectful. I will never forget what you have done for me and my family. Tinley Court has given me peace of mind, something I have not had in regards to my father's welfare in more than 15 years. I thought it was important to share this with you.

When I asked for your assistance regarding additional care for my Dad earlier this year, you were very helpful. I will always be so thankful to you for helping me finally improve my Dad's hygiene habits, which has been an issue for him for many, many years. There are no words to express what this means to me. I just felt it was time to share with you the difference you and everyone at Tinley Court have made in my life and in Marvin's life.

Suzan Simmons
Marvin Rauch's Daughter
Posted By: Suzan Simmons

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Lynn and Gary for all that they do for Vincent Sarkissian. They are professional and compassionate to the needs of all at Tinley Court Catered Senior Living.

Lynn and Gary's knowledge and understanding of the facility and its residents is great. They go above and beyond the call of duty. They are insightful and helpful to Vincent as well as all the residents.

We want to wish Tinley Court Catered Senior Living along with Lynn and Gary continued success in serving the residents and their families.

Best Regards,
Mary and Jon Ember
Vincent Sarkissian/Resident
Posted By: Mary and Jon Ember

I can never say thank you enough to express how I feel about the way you cared for, honored, and loved my mom during her residency with you.

Nancy Marsh
Posted By: Nancy Marsh

Our Aunt Thelma Montag, resided here for the past 7 years. This was her "home" and she enjoyed every minute of it. She even met up with a woman whom she graduated high school with, and they became lunch partners! We cannot say enough great things about her life here. She always felt safe and secure and loved the front office staff, the fellow residents, even the cooks in the dining room. She was always treated with the most loving care by all, they became her extended family. The front staff, Lynn, Sharon, & Gary always kept in touch with us whenever they had a concern about her ...again showing that they considered her family. Up until the day she passed away, Tinley Court & the administrator Kathy, worked with us to whatever was in her best interest. We will miss seeing all of them, we promised we will go up there to visit! We would highly recommend this senior living facility for your loved ones.
Posted By: Bob & Tami Neubauer

I would like to let the staff at Tinley Court know how much we appreciate the care and concern they show my mother. She originally did not want to move out of her home but as she got older it became necessary. Now, when anyone asks her how she likes being at Tinley Court she doesn't hesitate to say how much she likes it. And we are grateful for the peace of mind we have with her living there. The staff knows everyone and treats them like their own family. My mother in law had lived at Tinley Court for a number of years and also liked it. That's two in the "win" column! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Tinley Court to anyone.
Posted By: Peggi Clay

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the tour and information regarding Tinley Court Catered Senior Living. Your professional and compassionate demeanor is a refresh change to the corporate pace. Ms. Stephens, your knowledge and understanding of your facility and its residents is great. The information package was insightful and helpful to our decision making process for Vincent. We want to wish you and Tinley Court Catered Senior Living continued success in serving the residents and their families.

Best Regards,
Mary & Jon Ember
Vincent Sarkissian
Posted By: Mary & Jon Ember and Vincent Sarkissian

Even though my mother was at Tinley Court for only a very short time we are so happy we made the decision for her to move there. From the first tour Cindy gave us, to the time she took to come to my mom's home to meet with her, to the help with the move-in and the final caring and truly loving moments given to our family we cannot express enough how grateful we are for everyone we met - and I mean EVERYONE we met at Tinley Court. During a very stressful and difficult time Cindy and staff were a bright spot we will always remember.
Thank you so much. Kathy
Posted By: Morrone Family - Kathy, Michael, Bob and Pat

Tinley Court Staff & Residents;
Thank you very much for your friendships and kindness over the past 4 years. We will miss seeing you!

Sharon, Dennis, Pam & Grandchildren
Posted By: Krisik Family- Sharon, Dennis, Pam & Grandchil

5 Stars! Great Place, People, Food and activities. Homey environment - great choice for mom & dad's.
Posted By: M&B Masters

For the past two years, my Aunt Harriet was a resident of Tinley Court. It was a very big decision to move her from her condo....but it was the best decision we made. I had visited many senior living facilities....but none of them had the love and kindness that the residence receive at Tinley Court. They really care...Kathy, Cindy, Cid, Sharon, Ruth, Charles....I can't thank you enough for everything you did not only for my Aunt but for myself and our family. The care is sincere. It is like a big family that looks out for each other. The events are creative and makes the residence feel special. You are always greeted with a smile and sometimes a hug. Again, I want to thank all of the staff for their kindness and care for my Aunt.
Posted By: Vickie O'Malley

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